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Thank you for showing an interest in my pictures! Take a look at this page to learn more about prints, digital sales and pictures for magazines. Almost every image seen on this page and my social media pages are for sale. If you have not found a photo yet, feel free to check out my portfolios or galleries. Bring the nature home!


Get one of my prints on the wall. I can provide prints in the exact dimensions needed. The available configurations is listed below. The tabs also include a price pointer for different sizes and configurations. It is possible to get custom sizes down to the centimeter. Note that the price may differ a bit depending on the size of the image and wall mount.

I use a trusted Norwegian provider for my prints to ensure top quality on the prints. The prints include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The prints have a delivery time of proximally 10 working days and will be delivered at your local post office. I also ship internationally. The prices listed is with Norwegian VAT included (25%).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or want a non commital price sugestion.

A photo canvas is the result of a printed photo and stretched over a canvas. Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look a original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. It is possible to get the photo canvas delivered with a frame. No aditional wall mount is needed to hang this on the wall.

20×30 cm 1699 NOK
40×60 cm 1949 NOK
60×90 cm 2199 NOK
100×150 cm 3199 NOK

A foam plate is a light weight print with a matte look. Hard foam plates are suitable for all kinds of prints. A screw system or rail system is required to hang this on the wall. The mount is not included in the price due to the different choices of mounts and sizes. The mount system ranges from 79NOK to 479 NOK.

20×30 cm 1689 NOK
40×60 cm 1789 NOK
60×90 cm 2129 NOK
100×150 cm 2899 NOK

A aluminum print is light weight and very durable. It has a modern look with an unique style, and makes the images really pop with great contrast. It is especially suitable for landscapes and action shots. A screw system or rail system is required to hang this on the wall. The mount is not included in the price due to the different choices of mounts and sizes. The mount system ranges from 79 NOK to 479 NOK.

20×30 cm 1739 NOK
40×60 cm 1939 NOK
60×90 cm 2399 NOK
100×150 cm 3499 NOK

Prints on acrylic glass gives high shine and excellent depth in the photo, and almost makes the conent in the photo look three dimentional. A screw system is required to hang this on the wall. The mount system cost 159 NOK.

20×30 cm 1789 NOK
40×60 cm 1999 NOK
60×90 cm 2599 NOK
100×150 cm 4099 NOK

With premium poster you can do something unique with each picture. If you want your print to be extra elegant, you should chose pearlescent. Poster with gloss (blank) enhances colors and details in the picture. Matte (matt) reduces reflections and renders the colors very naturally. Poster with pearl (silk) renders clear colors and a look of retro. This is ideal for portraits. The poster in fine art matt has quality you can feel. The watercolor-like surface is ideal for photos in black and white. The prices listed is for the matte poster which is the least expensive. The prices for the other prints is approximately 5-10% more expensive. Please contact me for exact price. No wall mount needed.

20×30 cm 1549 NOK
40×60 cm 1599 NOK
50×70 cm 1609 NOK

Wooden prints is a very natural way to persent photos on as they are printed directly on tree. Wall mount is included.

20×30 cm 1899 NOK
40×60 cm 2249 NOK
60×80 cm 2699NOK

Digital Photo Files, Licensing and Stories

My photos are also available for digital purchase meant for homepage, marketing or personal memory. Contact me with intended use for the photo, and I will propose a fair price.

Many of my images have good stories to go with them from my adventures around Norway. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any stories to go with the pictures to your magazine.

It is possible to buy or use my videos in marketing or on your webpage. Please contact me for licensing prices.
Contact me regarding price for use in calendars, books or magazines.

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