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The underwater world is truly unique! Getting underwater photos and videos is not easy, but can provide stunning photage for your needs. I have been diving since 2008 and I am also a PADI Diving Instructor. I have since 2012 brought my underwater gear with me on almost all my dives.


I provide a full service to make great underwater video and photos. Shooting underwater can add a new, amazing perspective to your video, commercial or documentary.

Underwater shootings are also great for corporate, event or tourism videos or marketing. I am also a skilled scuba divers too and can capture great footage  from the point of view of a fish, to create fascinating videos and photos.

My underwater cameras can get into oceans, lakes, rivers or swimming pools to provide exciting, captivating HD videos or high quality photos.


I use a Canon 5D mk2 with a variety of different lenses. My camera sits in an Ikelite underwater housing. I light my photo using two Inon z-240 strobes. For video I use two I-torch venom c92 (4000 lumens) video lights with a color rendering index of 92! The footage can be captured in a flat profile for maximum post process possibilities. Some of the key features are listed here:

  • HD video at 1920×1080 30/25/24fps
  • 14-bits
  • 22 Mpx RAW images
  • Timelapse function


I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and can go as deep as 40 meters. I also have a Tech 40 certificate which allows me to stay at 40 meters for an extended duration. The maximum allowed time underwater depends greatly on depth.


Please contact me for prices regarding underwater photage. Prices varies from the size of the project. It also possible to choose delivery of only RAW photage or edited and color graded photage.