The assignment:

Devold wanted me to work as a influencer and ambassador for their brand while I was traveling in Norway, telling stories via Instagram.

They also needed pictures of their clothing incorporated in a natural way worn by people doing activities in beautiful scenery from Norway, to be used on their social media accounts and marketing materials.

Feedback from Devold:

"Lars have been working as a influencer and photographer for Devold the last years. He takes amazing pictures and is pleasant and easy to work with - delivering a large amount of good content. Last but not least, he is very engaged!

Since I am leaving my position at Devold, I take this opportunity to say:
Thank you for a terrific cooperation!

- Iselin Næss, Content Manger Devold Norway AS

Northern Lights in Senja

Hiking to the top of Helvetestind in Lofoten
Instagram post tagging Devold