From the summer of 2019 to the summer of 2020 I lived aboard a sailboat together with the rest of the crew at Havblikk. Our task was to document our adventures along the Norwegian coast, making a 8x40min episode documentary series. The series feature our daily life and struggle aboard the sailboat, and the life and nature we discover under water. 

I was working as a co-producer and director of photography, as well as drone and underwater camera operator for the series. 

The three years it took to get the series ready for air was truly one of the most educational years I’ve ever had. Working so close with NRK I got a really good look at how TV is made and how to make a compelling story.

The series will air at NRK October the 5th 2021. You can see more behind the scenes on my Instagram page, and my blog.

Check out the series here: