The assignment

I was hired by Secret Atlas to join one of their micro cruises in Svalbard as an onboard videographer. My task was to capture the guest and crew enjoying the cruise, and also capturing unique wildlife and landscape shots. If time permitted I was also to capture photos to be used on their homepage and social media.

The video is currently being edited and will be ready in a few months. The video below shows some of my favourite drone shots from the trip.

Arctic Fox
Polar bear eating a walrus
Seal on sea ice
Polar bear on whale carcass
Polar bear saying hello
Polar bear on triumphing over newly killed walrus carcass
Bird mountain
Bird mountain
Guillemots nesting on the pinnacles
MV Villa making its way through the sea ice
Group photo on the sea ice at 81 degrees north
Cruising around the sea ice
Glacier ice
Glacier ice
Zodiacs in the sea ice
A group of walrus spooning on the beach
Walrus on the beach
Walrus chilling on ice
Zodiac close to the glacier
Colorful mountains of Svalbard