The assignment

Loen is one of my favorite places in Norway! I have on several occasions taken photos and videos for Loen Skylift, made a video and blog for the Via Ferrata trail, and taken pictures of paddling in Loen Vatnet.

Article: Climb in stunning scenery, without knowing anything about climbing


Lars has been working as a photographer for Loen Skylift since our start-up year in 2017. He has delivered photos, video material and films of high quality that have been of great value in the process of making Loen Skylift and Loen a well-known destination. One of his photos of Loen Skylift even made it to The Guardian’s «Photo of the week», reaching millions of readers all over the world.
Lars is dedicated and easy to work with, which is crucial for us.

– Ann-Helen Blakset, Marketing Director