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I  am an adventure photographer and videographer from Bergen, and is constantly travelling around in Norway showcasing the nature and landscape. My biggest passion is to inspire and motivate people to get out in nature and experience Norway.

I have previous experience as a social media consultant at Synlighet, and tries to use this knowledge to create content that fits the modern day consumer habits.

I am currently living aboard a sailboat, while working as a producer and director for an upcoming adventure documentary series which will be shown at NRK the autumn of 2020.


Via Ferrata Loen
Traena Freediving Norway Diver Kelp-2-2-2-2-2


Through my years as a creator, I've been lucky enough to work with a lot of awesome brands such as Fjellsport, Devold, Helsport, DNT and more. Click the picture to read more about how I worked with them and what the results was.

  • He takes amazing pictures and is pleasant and easy to work with – delivering a large amount of good content.

  • He has delivered more than expected and the quality is of the highest grade and he is solution-oriented.

  • Lars is very able to deliver, and is very pleasant to work with.